Friday, 14 December 2007

Day Ninety-Nine - Hamlet Road, SE19

Never noticed this plaque before, but then the area in front of this house has only recently been given a bit of a makeover so it may have been obscured previously . Ira Aldridge was an African-American actor who came to Britain in 1824 and apparently caused quite a stir. It looks like he lived in England for about thirty years, but the plaque is silent over exactly which of those years he spent in Upper Norwood. More info here and (better) here about someone I'd never heard of before. See, those plaques are worth putting up.


Anonymous said...

The plaque appeared about two months ago. It had an opening ceremony with a velvet curtain and everything.

Alastair said...

Wow! How'd I miss that? Surprised Virtual Norwood didn't mention it.