Thursday, 23 August 2007

Day Forty-Six - Victoria Station, SW1

No escape from London Lite.

In the evening there are two free newspapers, thelondonpaper (owned by Rupert Murdoch's News International and therefore beyond the pale) and London Lite (owned by Associated Newspapers and therefore...are you spotting a pattern?). My beef with these papers isn't that they steal readers from proper papers - the only evening paper London has had since the eighties is the Evening Standard, which is awful and part of the Associated Newspapers empire anyway (and therefore...) - it's that the content is so trivial.

I got copies of both of them on the way home today - one from the floor on platform 9 at Victoria, the other from a seat on the train - and I was going to regale you with how awful their content was. On reflection that sounds pretty tedious, so I'll let you look at their websites (above) and judge for yourself. However, here's some comparisons between the two to give those of you who are two lazy to click an idea of what they contribute to the enlightenment of our citizens.

Pictures of Amy Winehouse

thelondonpaper: 2
London Lite: 0, but 2 of minor royals

Pictures of Lily Allen

thelondonpaper: 1
London Lite: 0, but an article about how Ava Leigh is going to "rob Lily of her dub crown".

Pictures of Peaches Geldof

thelondonpaper: 1
London Lite: 3

Pictures of two cute girls who have just got their GCSE results

thelondonpaper: 0 (but they have a story about how a "teenage gun victim" got two As in her BTECs)
London Lite: 1

Wisdom on the letters page

thelondonpaper: I say bring in a life-for-life law (death penalty) and put the fear back into yobs! Would you kill if you knew you would die for it?
London Lite: I am surprised by the number of female commuters in [the] evening. In my day they would be at home cooking their husband's dinner.

Examples from the stalker column

thelondonpaper: On 19 August, 1pm, you were the dark brunette wearing a dark top and short skirt. You walked towards Harrow on the Hill and boarded the same Metropolitan line train to Baker Street. You have the best legs in Harrow".
London Lite: alas, doesn't have one. Yet.

On the discman today: AM - This Heat Live 80/81 PM - Wire Pink Flag

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