Monday, 23 July 2007

Day Twenty-Five - Maberley Road, SE19

When it rains heavily (and boy, has it been raining heavily recently - although not as bad here as in Gloucestershire, it did mean England were denied a victory over India in the cricket which had me rather miffed) all the soil from gardens around the junction of Maberley Road and Maberley Crescent runs down into the hollow where the roads meet, clogging the drains. It takes a while to go away, and meanwhile it smells of an odd mix of earthiness and, um, sewage. Lovely.

(worked from home on Friday as I had to be in for the loss adjuster to do his thing. This week I should be in work all five days, which must be a recent record)

On the discman today: AM - Jacques Lejeune Blanche Neige - suite musicale en 14 tableaux de jacques lejeune pour dire le conte et danser avec les enfants PM - Gil Melle The Andromeda Strain OST (twice - it's short)


Knight of Ni said...

Two great records...
Have a look at "Paul Boisselet - Symphonie Rouge / Symphonie Jaune"... amazing 1947 piece of music (also reissued by Creel Pone)

Alastair said...

Yeah, I especially like the Jacques Lejeune. I shall put the Boisselet on my list for the next order (which will include vols 4-6 of the New England music concrete 3"s - lots of Parmegiani there). Thanks for the recommendation!

Good to see you back reviewing again, Monsieur le chevalier.

Hugo said...