Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Day Fifty-Four - Blackfriars Road, SE1

Waiting for Will Of Pub Guide fame outside Southwark tube station this evening - we were off drinking, just for a change - I caught this chap trotting for his bus. He caught it, you'll be pleased to know.

I was more interested in the old sign behind him, which is underneath the railway line from London Bridge to Waterloo East. On the other side it says "Blackfriars Station", which is very confusing as Blackfriars Station is on the other side of the river. Turns out that the original Blackfriars Station was actually here from 1864 to 1885 - part of the London, Chatham and Dover Railway. Confusingly, there never seems to have been a "Charing Cross Railway" as such - the nearest to that name was Charing Cross, Euston and Hampstead Railway, a forerunner of the Northern Line tube which goes nearby but which never had a Blackfriars Station (and the CC, E&H Railway never went south of the river anyway).

Well. Never before has waiting for Will led to such a revelation - and such a mystery.

On the discman today: AM -Various Artifacts of Australian Experimental Music 1930-1973 PM - Werner Dafeldecker / Michael Moser / Burkhard Stangl Markknochen Wälzt Eisscholle

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Richard Pinnell said...

Lovely typography actually. Why are street signs never handpainted any longer? Interestign to see that Charing Cross is hyphenated too