Friday, 15 June 2007

Day Eight (a) - Crystal Palace Park, SE19

Took a day's annual leave today - running on empty.

However I did go into town in the afternoon to meet Will, and so took the first part of the usual commute. Arriving at the station a little early I had a chance to walk to the end of the road and take a look at the beginning of the works that will transform Crystal Palace Park. So far they've knocked down the seventies turnstiles for the Athletics Stadium (you can see the floodlights for the stadium in the picture). Early days yet, but from small acorns large cliches grow.

No discman today, as I didn't have to drown out the sound of my fellow commuters' one-sided mobile phone conversations. Mid-afternoon trains are generally an oasis of calm, and if they're not there's usually a quieter carriage you can walk along to.

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