Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Day Eleven - Victoria Underground Station, SW1

I was lazy this morning (and a little late) so I got the tube one stop from Victoria to St James' Park rather than walking it as usual. Of course, I didn't realise there were delays until I got to the platform so it actually ended up taking longer than if I'd walked it...

This part of the District Line was the second part of the Underground to be built by the cut and cover method (proper tunneling didn't come until they built what is now the Northern Line in 1890). This method allowed for the odd open space to let some light in and some smoke out. As I waited for the train to turn up I was distracted by the shafts of light coming down at the western end of the platform. the picture of the shafts of light didn't come out, but at least I was able to lean over the barriers at the end of the platform and take a look up and see a view that you don't normally get in a central London tube station.

On the discman today: AM David Toop and Max Eastley Buried Dreams PM Couldn't be bothered to listen to The Wire's 3rd best record of 1994 again. Oh well.

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