Friday, 22 June 2007

Day Twelve - Anerley Hill, SE19

(didn't go to work yesterday - upstairs bathroom flooded mine, had to wait in for plumber. Think it's all sorted now)

What a cheerful anti-crime poster. Still, wearing those white earbuds does rather shout "I have hundreds of pounds' worth of consumer electronics on my person! Mug me!", doesn't it?

Coincidentally, I didn't wear my £50 MP3 CD Walkman to work today. Wish I had, although I would have missed the young Australian chap at the station kiosk, when confronted with a choice of tea, filter or instant coffee, asking "is there anywhere around here where I can score a Latte?". Regrettably, I missed the kiosk owner's no-doubt frosty reply.

1 comment:

Richard Pinnell said...

Yeah, the only thing worse than people obviously sporting those white earbuds are those people that hang about on tube stations with digital cameras on show ;)

As for "scoring a latte" thats a line worth a good slap if you ask me, let alone a frosty reply...