Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Day Ten - Crystal Palace Station, SE19

I was a bit late this morning, so I took the train from platform 3 instead of my usual platform 1. This is much the nicer bit of Crystal Palace Station , built in 1854 when there was much more traffic coming to the area. As you can see, there used to be more lines, at least two of which will be restored when the East London line of the London Underground is extended to here in 2010 (as the East London Railway. Hmm. So North Londoners will still go on about it "not being a tube". Sigh).

Most services go through the newer part of the station, which is far less grand. I'll take some pictures from there at some point, but it's pretty uninspiring compared to the faded grandeur hinted at here.

On the discman today: AM and PM John Zorn The Big Gundown

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